Middle School (7-9)

As students progress from their elementary to middle school years, the teachers at LCA recognize that their lives are changing in every area. A strong study skills program and a developmental emphasis help to mold young men and women into strong students and strong disciples of Christ. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their own education, as they are guided in the learning process by a highly dedicated faculty. The small class sizes (no more than 20 students) allow for increased participation opportunities.

Preparation for High School
The Middle School prepares students for the challenges they will face in the High School curriculum, where they will continue the college preparation process. Through focus on skills development, Life Christian Middle School students are especially prepared for the challenges of the High School experience. While the transition period is taxing for any student, our Middle School students take comfort in the familiarity of the campus as well as their relationships with High School teachers and students.

We encourage you to visit the High School in order to learn more about the High School program and graduation requirements.

Fundamental Skills
study and test preparation
expository speaking
research and problem solving
journal, essay, and creative writing
language development
character development
time management
music appreciation
athletic training

Curriculum Guides
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Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade