The Mission of Life Christian Academy is to train students to be spiritually strong, academically sound, and physically disciplined.

Life Christian Academy bases its mission statement on a Christian worldview that comes from the truths of the Christian faith found in the inerrant and inspired Word of God. The Bible is authoritative, reliable, and the final source of truth.

We believe God created, sustains, and will consummate all things through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, the universe and all life are dynamically related to Him and have the purpose of glorifying Him.

Man is created in God’s image and is therefore of infinite worth. He is a sinner by nature because of the fall of Adam. As such, he is separated from God and incapable of knowing or glorifying God apart from a work or reconciliation by God through the atoning death of Jesus Christ. Man can be reconciled to God only by being born again through receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord by faith.

Education can most effectively be accomplished in an environment that recognizes that all truth is subject to the absolute Truth of God. The fear of the Lord is the foundation of all wisdom and knowledge; therefore, only a redeemed person can fully comprehend truth as the Holy Spirit reveals it to him/her. In the curricula, an emphasis on the absolute Truth and on the development of an eternal perspective for life naturally follows.

Scripture clearly teaches that parents are responsible for their children’s education and discipline. The school is not a substitute for the home, but is an extension of the home. It is one means through which parents fulfill the responsibility the Lord has given them.