High School (10-12)

Life Christian Academy has embarked on an exciting new educational track. We have co-opted with Oklahoma Christian University to offer our students the opportunity to complete college level courses for both high school and college credit. While Dual Credit (DC) course offerings are becoming more prevalent, our program at LCA offers advantages and benefits. Rather than studying independently, your child will receive personalized classroom instruction throughout the school year.

Our Juniors will have the opportunity to take DC ENGL 1113 – English Composition I, DC HIST 2223 – History of the US since 1877, DC BIOL 1013 Principles of Biology I, and DC MATH 1213 College Algebra. After successfully completing their Junior year at LCA, our Seniors will have the opportunity to take DC CHEM 1104 – Introduction to Chemistry, DC ENGL 1213 – English Composition II, DC MATH 1173 Quantitative Reasoning, and DC POLS 2113 – Introduction to American Government. Our students will receive instruction and discussion from our teachers on our campus in addition to the Oklahoma Christian University professor for each course.

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a diploma from Life Christian Academy the following minimum requirements must be fulfilled: 26 credits – one credit earned for each year long course and ½ credit for each semester course.

4 credits in English in grades 9 – 12
3 credits in Mathematics in grades 9 – 12 including Geometry and Algebra II
3 credits in Science in grades 9 – 12 including Biology and Chemistry
3 credits in History / Government
2 credits in one Foreign Language
1 credit in Fine Arts
1 credit in Physical Education
1 credit in Bible for each year at LCA

Dual Credit Courses

In addition to the 8 courses listed above, Juniors and Seniors for an additional fee of $250 per course can take any of the following Oklahoma Christian University courses for Dual Credit.  

Dual Credit courses will be offered in the following disciplines:

BUSA 1013 – Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship

CHNS 1113 – Basic Chinese I

COMM 1213 – Oral Communication

ECON 2213 – Microeconomic Principles

ENGL 2213 – Perspectives in Literature

HIST 2213 – History of the US to 1877

BIBL 1003 – Introduction to Christianity

HIST 2823 – World Civilization I

BIBL 2303 – Story of the Old Testament

BIBL 2313 – Story of the New Testament

CMSC 1003 – Introduction to information Technology

LATN 1113 – Latin I

MUSC 2013 – Music Appreciation

GNSC 2133 – General Physical Science

PSYC 1113 – General Psychology I