Our Mission
Life Christian Academy is an interdenominational, co-educational day school that offers Christian families a challenging curriculum integrated within Biblical Principles. We desire to participate in God’s work to transform and renew minds and hearts (Romans 12:2). To this end, the school’s purpose is to train students to be spiritually strong, academically sound, and physically disciplined as they conform to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29) by the Holy Spirit; therefore, affecting our homes, school, community, and world with the gospel of Christ (Acts 1:8).

Developing the Whole Person: Spirit, Mind, and Body
Life Christian Academy’s motto is “developing the whole person: spirit, mind, and body.” That mandate compels us to offer a strong academic program, integrating subject matter of compatible disciplines and the truth of scripture in every academic discipline. It also challenges us to provide a strong Fine Arts program, both visual and performing arts, to develop our students aesthetically. It commits us to a strong physical education and athletic program to develop our students physically. It also motivates us to provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership qualities, character strengths, and interpersonal skills within the LCA community and broader community at-large. All of these programs must be under Christ’s Lordship with the faculty and staff modeling spiritual integrity and genuine love for students, parents, and each other.

The Elementary Experience
Life Christian Academy’s Elementary School program is made up of students and teachers, grades Pre-K through 5th who strive daily toward the goal of excellence. From learning to read in Kindergarten to preparing to learn algebra in the 5th grade, teachers employ a multi-sensory approach to learning. Age appropriate teaching strategies, a phonetic reading program, and an integrated language arts program are just some of the many tools our teachers use every day. Learning comes to life in the elementary wing as students in fifth grade work with simple machines and as the third graders become famous historical personalities in the Hall of Fame Museum.

Arduous Academics
We expect our students to develop independent thought and rational reasoning. We are a fully accredited Christian school by International Christian Accrediting Association and fully recognized by the Oklahoma State Board of Education.
As students progress from their elementary to Middle School years, the teachers at LCA recognize that their lives are changing in every area. A strong study skills program and a developmental emphasis help to cultivate the skills needed to succeed at the high school level.
The High School academic program, for is rigorous and challenging. Classes continue to be small with an average of 15 students. Small classes allow personal relationships to develop between students and teachers as well as opportunities for in-depth classroom discussions.

Fine Arts
The Fine Arts engage the students in the order of the world that we call creation, educating their senses in the grammars of sight, sound, and touch, enabling them to appreciate the works of God and freeing them to make the world more beautiful. The Fine Arts goals are to develop the talents, ideas, skills, and personal expression of each LCA student through the study of visual and performing arts. Through this process the student gains an appreciation for beauty and a cultivation of skills necessary for artistic expression.

Competitive Athletics
Participation in athletics initiates students into the order and stewardship of their own bodies. It leads them to the excitement of competition and cooperation, of care for self, and respect for others. Athletic programs begin in the elementary school with soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, softball, and cheerleading.

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