We can’t wait for another summer full of excitement and some education along the way.  We try to keep the camper’s week full of different adventures. Our day campers begin their day in our gym.    Where they will prepare for that days scheduled outing.    Here they will have a morning snack, morning devotionals, and prepare for their outing with sunscreen and changing clothes if it’s a Moore Aquatic aquatic-season-pass-app-new-newspring2020-1_0  day trip.

It is vital that we have all your paperwork filled out in order for you to be able to drop your student off.  It is also required that we have your child’s up to date shot record for our records .  If you don’t want to bring in a copy of your child’s shot record then you can fill out this form shot record authorization.

Then we will need you to fill out the registration form LIFE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY REGISTRATION FORM 2021 inital form for daycamp, and LIFE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY DAYCAMP 2021.  If you plan on enrolling your child please know that it is a first come first serve and space is limited.  All of the highlighted documents MUST be turned in for your child to start.  This year we will require parents to make a ten week commitment if their child attends.  You will be allowed 1 week of vacation but we must have advanced notice of the week that you will be gone.  Otherwise, you will be charged even if your child is not here. We had to turn many people away last year after we filled all our spots.  Then had several that missed a lot of day camp. We can’t wait to kick off this summer with you.