Fine Arts

The Fine Arts engage the students in the order of the world that we call creation, educating their senses in the grammars of sight, sound, and touch, enabling them to appreciate the works of God and freeing them to make the world more beautiful.
The Fine Arts goals are to develop the talents, ideas, skills, and personal expression of each LCA student through the study of visual and performing arts. Through this process the student gains an appreciation for beauty and a cultivation of skills necessary for artistic expression.


Elementary                      Middle School Choir      High School Choir/Drama (Elective)

Music appreciation              Note Reading                       Note Reading

Basic note reading              Rhythm Reading                  Rhythm Reading

Choral singing                     Choral Performances         Choral Performances

Rhythm reading                   Music Appreciation               Music Appreciation

Tempo                                                                                     Tempo

Dynamics                                                                                Dynamics

Pitch                                                                                         Pitch

Tone                                                                                         Tone

Dramatic Performances



Elementary                                       Middle School (Elective)           High School

Basic Keyboarding                              Keyboard                                     Power Point

Computer Care                                    Basic Functions of Word           Windows

Basic Computer Functions                Friendly Letters                           Formatting Documents

Educational Learning Games           Spreadsheets                             Spreadsheets

Pictures Using Paint                            Graphs                                          Databases

Excel                                                                                                               Desktop Publishing

Paint                                                                                                                Internet

Internet                                                                                                            Keyboarding Skills

Create Lists Using Bullets

Using Paragraph Formatting

Using Headers and Footers

Copy, Cut, and Paste





Elementary                                            Middle School/High School (Elective)

Color Theory                                            Design Principles

Using Perspective in Drawing              Visual Art Expression

Sculpting                                                   Visual Art Appreciation

Weaving                                                    Color Theory

Etchings                                                    One/Two Point Perspective

Sketching                                                  Weaving

Painting                                                     Acrylic/Watercolor Painting



Sketching with Chalk/Charcoal/ Pencil


Art History/Culture

Printing Techniques


Physical Education

Elementary                                                      Middle School/High School

Physical Fitness Training                                Physical Fitness

Group Games                                                    Training

Competitive Sports                                           Group Games

Competitive Sports







































High School Choir/Drama

  • Note reading
  • Rhythm reading
  • Choral performances
  • Music appreciation
  • Tempo
  • Dynamics
  • Pitch
  • Tone
  • Dramatic performances