Eagles Soaring Academically

January 6, 2016 No Comments

Eagles Soaring Academically

January 6, 2016

The concurrent enrollment students at LCA continue to succeed.  We just received the first semester results for our High School students attending classes at Rose State College.  Here are the results:

  • 7 students enrolled
  • 12 courses taken
  • 9 A’s earned
  • 3 B’s earned

Congratulations to the following students placed on the Rose State College President’s Honor Roll:

  • Joy Beach
  • Sam Fellwock
  • Megan Funderburk
  • Bailey Ramer

Congratulations also to Brian Kim for his placement on the Vice President’s Honor Roll.  For eight years and counting, Life Christian Academy High School students continue to be living out the vision of the school and the gospel of Jesus Christ.




May 28, 2015

I was thinking of the old Fram oil filter commercial…the one where the mechanic holds the filter up and says, “…you can pay me now, or pay me later…” the scene would pan to a junkyard showing a vehicle with the hood up and the engine blown and destroyed because the owner used cheap oil filters. The point of the ad was that, yes, Fram oil filters cost more than most others…however they were also better than others. Your car engine could run efficiently for years longer…whereas using another filter, less expensive in the short term, actually cost much more in reality because of its poor quality.

We face many of the same kinds of choices today. Take education for example. Is public education inexpensive? Maybe in the short term. Is private education costly? Maybe not in the long run.

Recent statistics revealed in the Daily Oklahoman indicate that approximately 45% of incoming college students are required to complete remedial coursework (receiving no credit) before admission. Typical per student expense for this can be $2,000 or more and delay actually starting college up to a year or more. By the way, not all of these students were underachievers. According to Community College Spotlight reports, many were at least B students in high school. They just simply were not properly prepared.

ACT reports that in 2012 only 25% of test takers were deemed “college ready”.

Sadly, many of these students will not graduate from college. That is indeed unfortunate, because the UCO website indicates on average a college graduate earns 60% more than a high school graduate over the course of a lifetime of earnings. That’s about $800,000, folks!

At LCA, we have firsthand experience with these trends. In a recent Composition I course at Rose State College, it appears that less than half of the students who started, will finish. Among the handful of “survivors” are three high school students from Life Christian Academy. Oh, and not only survivors, these three high school Juniors, but achievers…likely earning among the highest grades in the class.

I was informed that these same students recently set the “curve” (scoring standard) for a Biology exam at Rose. They are on track to graduate from high school with 26-32 college credits and will likely receive multiple scholarship offers while starting out as much as $10-15,000 ahead.

Our students consistently perform well. In fact, during the seven years we’ve been sending high school students to Rose State College, I recollect that not one student has earned less than a B in Composition I or II.

So, I would like to encourage LCA parents and offer food for thought to the other parents…Life Christian Academy…an expense? or an INVESTMENT?

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